Ideas for events

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Exclusive private events

In today’s consumer-driven mass-market society, when was the last time you did something no-one else could do? What about a classical music concert with dinner, theatre performance, performance art, movie projection in an intimate setting with like-minded people? Or watching a meteor shower with a photographer that shares with you the secrets of night photography?

Clandestine / Pop-up events

Turn your home or another space into a venue for the evening. Imagine an art show in a warehouse or an abattoir? What about a gourmet picnic on top of a mountain? Get creative and get people interested.

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Hidden kitchens

Organise your own private dining club! Offer a different kind of eating experience where food-minded folks gather in under-the-radar locations to share meal experiences. Can be combined with amateur or pro/am friendly cooking competitions, where you can tastes your guests’ dishes!

Feed the cultural side

Do an art or photography show in your own home, combined with drinks and/or food. Pull the art out of a traditional setting and allow the participants to meet and talk with the artist. This is a perfect way of bringing an artist into close contact with a new public and also giving attendees a unique way of experiencing and interacting with the work.

Do it with a twist – make unique combinations

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  • Can you teach a language and cook? Why not combine both of them and introduce your guests to your home cuisine at the same time as the language?
  • What about a makeup session with a professional makeup artist while enjoying a delicious mojito?
  • Are you a professional actor/actress? Why not offer tours around your city impersonating a historical character?

Teach a class in different surroundings:

What about a yoga class in a park or a sewing workshop in a private terrace or on a boat? Think about innovating by teaching in a completely different setting. Participants will enjoy an original experience, whilst learning just as well, or even better, than in a traditional environment.

Bring in an expert or hero

Who would you like to see people demonstrating their skills and/or talking about their experiences? Maybe a top chef, arctic explorer, writer, cardiac nurse, musician, anthropologist who just spent a year in Papua New Guinea, doctor who is fighting Malaria in Africa, etc…, the list is endless.

Get involved!

OrganizeWe are looking for people to get involved by organizing their own events. We will help you get started, work out the best way to make a great event listing and market your event in the best way.