How to make a great listing

Zuigo is all about helping people find new and interesting things to do. It's hard to write a good description of an event or activity, but it is really worth the effort.

The Title

Grab the reader’s attention! There is a world of difference between an average and strong title, some examples:

  • ‘French cooking class’ and Unlock the secrets of French cuisine
  • ‘Tapas tour Madrid’ and Discover the best tapas in Madrid
  • ‘Jewelry making’ and Learn how to make a beautiful necklace

Be creative and provide the best start to your listing with a great title.

The Summary

Write a brief summary about the event. You have little time so convince people to come, so include the highlights and key facts about the event which will make people interesred. This is what people will see alongside other events (before they have even clicked through to see the whole thing), so it has to informative and get someone’s attention.

The Description

A great description will achieve three things:

  1. provide a clear and attractive presentation of what will take place
  2. detail what is on offer
  3. list any special requirements or information someone who is attending should know.

Try to put yourself in the place of someone reading this, organise the information into logical chunks and think about what you might have left out. It helps to get a friend to take a look and make suggestions.

Highlighted elements

If you have a menu, schedule or other information which you need to make stand-out from the description, add a box to the listing and put this information there.

The Cover Photo

This is the image which is used at the top of your event page. Choose something which will work well in the space and adjust the image up or down to get the best look for the top of your listing.

Other Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words - great photography is one of the best ways of portraying your event or activity. If you don’t have anything, make sure you take advantage of your first event to create some.

Good luck!

We actively help people improve their listings with advice and comments. If you have any questions or need help, please get in touch.