5 Set the right price

It takes time, commitment and creativity to hold a successful event. We think organizers should make some return on the investment of their time. Some people organize events for the fun of it, others do so as publicity to attract new customers for other events or courses!

Pricing your event can be hard, you have to think of each one as a mini-business (we like to call event organizers ‘minipreneurs’!). Make sure the costs are covered by the revenues, if you are organizing an event that requires investment like ingredients for a private dinner or drinks, try sure you cover the outlay.

Be realistic and learn about the market

You will receive valuable feedback from your first participants that can help you improve the quality of future events!

We recommend that, for your first events, you concentrate on making sure they are full and on people having a great time. If they are popular you won’t have any trouble filling up future events and will have a much better idea how to price them. When you are overbooked, start thinking about raising the price.

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