9 Run a brilliant event

Be a great host

Greet your guests warmly, introduce yourself, ask their names and take their coats. Introduce people to other guests. Nametags can be a real help for everyone. Take the time to talk and be a great host. Your mood will condition the whole event, so relax and be yourself.

Deal gracefully with problems

If something unexpected happens or things go wrong, take it easy and keep your cool! If you think everything will be fine, it will be fine, and that is the message you want to transmit to your guests. If an attendee has a real problem, try to deal with this away from others and work to a quick and sensible resolution.

Help participants get comfortable

As a host, you will need to make a special effort to get people to introduce themselves to others. Making sure people share and communicate at the event is key for an enjoyable experience for everyone. Attendees will get a specific benefit out of being there, often this is just as important as the unique experience they share with the other participants. Be proactive and make this happen!

Keep on plan

If there is a time restriction, make sure you keep an eye on the clock to make sure everything happens at the right time. For more informal events, this is less of a concern and just ‘go with the flow’.

Record for posterity

Take some photos or video. Participants love to see pictures after an event. This is a great way of getting feedback and starting discussions afterwards! Attendees will share the pictures on Facebook and other social networks, helping promote your future events.

Have fun!

If you don’t have fun, you either need to change the type of event, the format, the team or something else. Running events can be stressful and frustrating at times, but if afterwards you don’t feel satisfied and have a good time, you are probably doing something wrong.

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