6 Marketing an event

An event has to have real appeal. There are a million ways for each of us to spend those precious moments of leisure time. You need to make sure you can stand out from the rest of the options and offer something unique and interesting. If you cannot build enthusiasm, no-one will come.

Understand your market

You might be a big fan of early 19th century vintage clothing, but an event labeled ‘Presentation of early 19th century vintage clothing’ can’t compete with ‘Pride and Prejudice: what were the clothes like?’. You are not necessarily attracting fans of the activity, in many cases you are trying to make new fans.

If you and your friends like looking good, doing things together and are partial to posh cocktails: put it together, ‘Makeover, cocktails and chat’ – get a stylist involved and set-up a bar with some uncommon cocktail recipes.

People like what they know, but also want to be surprised. A good place to start is thinking about what you would like and then talking to friends.

Present the event well

A high quality description and attractive photos are really important

Not everyone is great at writing (to be honest, there are very few people who are great). If this is not your strength, get someone to help. The difference between a great presentation and a ‘normal’ one can be full or no attendees. It really does matter. There are more tips here.

Get stunning photos! If you thought writing was hard, getting great images can be harder. If you are not great with a camera, try and find a friend who is or get in touch with us and we will try and help.

If you can shoot and cut video, do it. This is a brilliant way of showcasing an event.

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