7 Get the word out

If you thought getting people ‘interested’ in your event was difficult, getting people to attend is harder!

Unless you have a big list of people from which you know you can get enough attendees, you will need to get creative and really push to make each event a success.

  • Talk to your friends
  • Recruit each friend to push the event to their friends!
  • Recruit past attendees: if you have run events before, previous participants may want to come again and spread the word to their friends.
  • Reach out to groups, specialist media, mainstream media and online forums relevant to the type of event you are running. If you have a story to tell, they will listen.
  • Leverage social media – Build contacts and use these platforms to promote your events, they can help you go viral! Depending on the type of event the following – among others - are worth considering: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+ and Pinterest
  • If you have a blog (or have friends who blog) – get a post up to promote the event.
  • Build mailing lists - of your current client base and include anybody with a potential interest in your events.

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