1 Design your event

One of the easiest ways to make an event successful is to offer something a little bit special and personal. There is is big difference between ‘French cooking class’ and ‘Discover the secret of a perfect maigret de canard’, or ‘Walking tour of Alcala de Henares’ and ‘Walk in the footsteps of Cervantes’.

When thinking about an event, the best place to start is ‘what would you want to do?’ or ‘what would make it interesting for me?’. Once you have a good idea, talk to friends and ask them for an honest opinion.

What are you great at?

  • Speak english and love cooking, why not offer a cooking class in english so your participants can discover great recipes, while improving their language skills?
  • You know an artists or a photographer. Why not become a gallerist for a night and hold an art exhibit at your place?
  • You are a biologist, why not organise a hike in the countryside for kids to discover some nature?
  • You are a chef in a restaurant and would like to offer something different, why not organise a ‘clandestine’ dinner in a private home?
  • …and a million more things. There are some ideas here

Maybe you’re better as an ‘organizer’ than running the event yourself? Then you need to Build a team

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