4 Choose a date

When deciding on a date, you need to:

  • Allow enough time to prepare the event: e.g. to buy whatever you need to provide at the event, to get the venue ready if you need to make some changes to the decoration, etc…
  • Make sure you have enough time to market it and get people there. Depending on the event and how many people you know, you will need to be planning at least two weeks in advance – much more in some cases.

When setting dates – you need think about factors which could affect attendance:

Give yourself enough time in advance to get organized
  • The day of the week – a Monday might work for an art show, but be less appropriate for a more party-type event.
  • Holidays – a Friday when there is a public holiday on the following Monday might mean everyone has gone away for the weekend.
  • Special days - Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day might be difficult to get participants (unless it’s a themed event, e.g. a Thanksgiving dinner for people stuck away from their families).

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